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Math Video on Positive and Negative Numbers
Million dollar project

Think About this...

Reflect on what you learned in Math for each Unit!Think about your answers to these questions. Discuss your ideas with other students. Think about what you learned so far. Then write a summary on your digital backpack Math page.

‚ÄćUnit 5: Think About It!

The Brookville Badgers are competing in a grueling 12 mile relay race. Coach Thompson met the the 4 member team and gave the following instructions:
1. Martin will run 1/4 of the distance.
2. The next 1/3 will be run by Ben.
3. Corey will cover 1/2 of the remaining distance.
4. Jason will run the rest of the way.

Some members of the team complained to Coach Thompson that the racing assignments were not fair. Do you agree or disagree? Support your answer mathematically and remember to show your work.

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Essential Skills assessment:

Now, click on the picture below to practice telling time from an analog clock and then checking it with a digital clock :


Math Games




Disc Drop 250
What are the chances of landing on 0?
What are the chances of landing on 5?
What are the chances of landing on 10?
What are the chances of landing on 25?
What are the chances of landing on 50?
What is your highest score? As of 1/18/2011 Claire
has the class high score of 225. Try to beat it!

These are helpful math webstites that go along with our Everyday math curriculum.

for Studylink help:
Math Games
everday math online games:

Tutorials for students created by students:

unit 1 Prime Factorization:

Unit 4 Study link help

Practice math facts with

That Quiz

For fraction practice

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